HP4L provides the perfect opportunity for pet retailers looking to take their business to the next level.

Be prepared for your business to skyrocket. Our unique selling platform allows you to market to a specific group of holistic CBD market captive audience. We provide the product, you provide the point of sale, we provide the customers together to grow your business.

Selling a new product can be difficult and you don’t have to do it alone! HP4L offers tons of resources for your success, like in store training, marketing material, customer training as well.

Be in the know every step along the way. Our Wholesale Admin allows you to manage, monitor and reorder your inventory so that you can manage your orders from start to shipment.

Why Should You Sell Pet CBD?

Happy Paws 4 Life pet CBD is organically grown in Colorado and we are ecstatic to offer our high end quality full spectrum cbd to our wholesale partners and distributers.  As the public is finding out the benefits of Pet CBD the market is responding with staggering growth. 

In fact, Packaged Facts reported in its 2019 Survey of Pet Owners that 39% of dog owners and 34% of cat owners like the idea of CBD for pets; 29% of both dog and cat owners are interested in purchasing CBD pet supplements; and 11% of dog owners and 8% of cat owners have administered CBD or hemp treats to their pets already.


Employee and Customer Education

Based on conversations with dozens of retailers we found that their vendors did not provide their employees with the knowledge of how their pet CBD works, why it works, and proper dosing to result in a positive experience. 

As a result of this training gap, many of these stores are experiencing high return rates.  HP4L provides retailers with curriculum and onsite or remote training.  The result will be educated employees that can educate customers that will use the product correctly and turn into repeat buyers.

Best Value For Our Partners

We offer premium pet CBD products at prices that provide your customers with the perfect balance of quality and savings. We manufacture premium Full-Spectrum CBD products that combine the benefits of Prebiotic and Omega 3 ingredients to guarantee that your customers beloved companions receive the full benefits when taken properly.


Based on a 2019 FDA report, the found that 92% of the CBD products being sold did not contain the amount of CBD claimed on the label.  The report also points out that most of these products contained harmful metals and pesticides. This means that you have a 92% of selling your customers an inferior pet CBD.  We take pride in the transparency of all our pet CBD products, as a result we provide a certified third-party tested certificate of analysis (COA) with every product batch that comes through our production facilities. This provides quality assurance and better peace of mind.

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