CBD Oil for Mobility

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Your Dog deserves to live a full and happy Life!

It’s easy, to make your dog happy just by spending time with them, playing with them and feeding them nutritious healthy meals that taste great.  That’s all they ask.  So Happy Paws 4 life through our research, launched our amazing CBD oil products specifically for large canines over 50lbs.

Why Should You Give Your Pet CBD?

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD extracts for large dogs has an unbelievable effect on your pet’s health. It supports your mobility, promotes calm, may improve digestion, and works to increase your pet’s immune system for a healthier and longer lifespan. The CBD tincture is the main component of our hemp oil product. Full Spectrum Hemp contains CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and just a hint of THC to give it that entourage effect.  It’s completely safe for your pet’s health as it is 100% Natural Organic.

Our Mobility formula includes organic full-spectrum and blend of Prebiotic Super Omega 3’s with Flaxseed and Fish oil, which directly support your dog’s Immune system.  Glucosamine for long-term use in pets who battle arthritic pain and other chronic joint diseases.  Chondroitin helps in maintaining and repairing your dog’s joints. While increasing the cartilage cell and lubricant production, it relieves any joint pain that your dog can feel.

Together these ingredients become an effective prebiotic which multiplies the “good bacteria” to promote gut health and improve digestion of your dog. 

CBD Oil Benefits For Dogs?

  • Mobility: Large dogs are more susceptible to mobility conditions due to their weight.  CBD may improve mobility.
  • Calming: Hemp and CBD oil may have calming effect on the nerves and may reduce the nervous behavior of canines.
  • Digestion: With age, dogs may suffer from low digestive health, and take longer for digestion so they might start losing out on important nutrients, CBD may treat and improve the digestive system for dogs and help the absorption of all nutrients necessary for the body.
  • Dogs immune support:  Our blend not only contains CBD oil and hemp extract, but it also has flaxseed, fish oil and Vitamin E, which directly support your dog’s Immune system.



  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Fish Oil
  • Hemp Oil Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Glucosamine 
  • Chondroitin


Recommended Use For Dogs:

Put directly in pet’s mouth, in its food

  • For dogs/cats under 25lbs 175mg 1 Full dropper
  • For dogs 25Ibs – 50Ibs 350mg 1 Full dropper 
  • For dogs 50Ibs – 75Ibs 350mg 1 Full dropper 
  • For dogs over 75lbs 175mg 1 Full dropper


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