Can Pets Transmit COVID-19?

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Can Dogs and Cats Transmit COVID-19?

Don’t Forget Our Furry Friends

While we are all in this current health situation, let’s not forget that our four-legged, furry friends may also be affected by the COVID-19 virus. There have been studies and experiments conducted all over the world and so far, these are what we know:

Dogs Covid-19 Cases

  • In Hong Kong, two dogs were exposed to owners who tested positive for COVID-19 but did not show any symptoms. One of the dogs died two days afterwards but COVID-19 was ruled out as the cause since it was already in its geriatric stage.
  • In the US, one dog showed symptoms after being exposed to its COVID-19 positive owners. The dog got tested and turned out positive. It was later regarded as an inconclusive study.
  • In New York, one dog was also exposed to a COVID-19 positive household. It tested negative but further study showed that it developed antibodies which is evidence of contracting the virus at some point.
  • Clinical tests were also performed using Beagle puppies. Four were deliberately infected with the virus and had different responses. The virus was detected in the stool of two puppies, while the other two developed antibodies which meant that they were infected at some point. The study also showed that they did not infect other dogs despite being diagnosed with the virus.
  • Another clinical test showed that three dogs did not show symptoms upon manual introduction of the virus. They, however, developed antibody responses and did not infect any other dogs. 


So, the question remains. Can pets transmit COVID-19? Studies and observations have been inconclusive. Can pets die from COVID? It’s an argument that’s yet to be resolved. But as fur parents, we need to take care of our pets and do all we can to keep them healthy. Giving them pet CBD, a balanced diet, and a chance to get some exercise are some things that we can do to help them prepare for whatever health challenges they may encounter amidst the pandemic.

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By Aaron Collins