Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Why Adopt ?

October is “Adopt A Shelter” dog month and it’s a great time for all dogs in shelters. October means a chance at a better life for these shelter dogs. This month provides a great opportunity for these homeless animals living in shelters around the US to have a happy home and a loving fur parent.

Rescue Centers need Your Help

Rescue centers or dog shelters provide you with a dog that you are ready to love and that will love you back. Some shelters have puppies which are ideal for adopting. But most of them are already matured or a few months old. A lot of the dogs in the shelter are mixed breeds but there are some pure breeds that you can find occasionally. For pedigree dogs, you might want to visit or contact one of the numerous rescue organizations specializing in rehousing breeds.

The dogs in a shelter have different stories and not all of them have a history of cruelty or harm. Some of these dogs live in a shelter mainly due to the owner’s death or a change of circumstances. There are also those that have experienced trauma and may show some behavioral problems. You might want to think twice before getting one of these types of dogs from the shelter as they may need special care that you may not be able to give. But if you think you can handle it; you can get strong support and advice from experts from most rescue centers.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Adoption Benefits Both Ways

When getting a dog from a dog shelter, think of it as though you were buying from a breeder. Expect to answer some questions because attendants still do screen all prospective adopters of these lovely dogs. Finding a dog that is a match for you is a two-way process. While you may already have an idea about which dog best suits you; rescue centers/dog shelters correspondingly match you based on your suitability as an owner. This way, you will be assured that you get a dog that will be happy to be with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a dog now and get a loyal companion for you and your family!

By Aaron Collins