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We offer a superior CBD full spectrum; CBD isolate is only 1 of 4 cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. In addition to CBD, full spectrum also includes CBG, CBN, and CBC. Each one of these molecules may deliver unique and overlapping benefits.

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We Can Keep Them Happy

As a pet parent, you want your dog to be excited and feel happy all the time, supported mobility, promoting calm, or even weakness and less suffering. So, we produce our amazing Full Spectrum organic CBD oil for the health of your canine.


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Why Should You Give Your Pet CBD?

There are many benefits for your pets with CBD and we scientifically improved it in the last few years. From our experience in CBD labs, we launched these amazing natural CBD oil products for the health of your pets.


Our Calm Formula In addition to our organic, full-spectrum hemp oil includes GABA may be one of the effective means of improving the quality of life of aged dogs. Chamomile is actually one of the safest herbs you can offer your pet! Chamomile has calming properties, sedative, and antispasmodic properties.


Our Wellness formula includes organic full-spectrum hemp oil flaxseed, fish oil and Vitamin E, which directly support your dog’s Immune system and Selenium as an essential component of various enzymes and proteins, that help protect against cell damage and infections. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps dogs regulate the balance.


Our Mobility formula In addition to our organic, full-spectrum hemp oil includes Glucosamine for long-term use in pets who battle arthritic pain and other chronic joint diseases. Chondroitin helps in maintaining and repairing your dog's joints. While increasing the cartilage cell and lubricant production, it relieves any joint pain that your dog can feel.

So, What’s Inside Our Package?

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs and cats, contains CBD oil tincture, hemp seed oil extract, and a Super Omega 3 Blend with Flaxseed, Fish oil and Vitamin E which produces this Super Prebiotic that completely regulates the digestive system for food and nutrients.

CBD oil tincture

Our high-grade CBD oil tincture.

hemp seed oil extract

We utilize original hemp oil.

Super Omega 3 Blend

Super Omega blend to nourish your dog and keep them strong

Fish oil

Quality fish oil rich in vitamins for your pet.

Remember. Not All Pet Care Supplements Are Created Equal

Full-spectrum hemp oil is a pure extract of the hemp plant, including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, Flavonoids, Terpenes, and .3% THC. Since the cannabinoids in these oils include less than .3% THC.

That’s not nearly enough to get your pet high, but it is enough for the entourage effect to kick in. The entourage effect happens when CBD is ingested with other compounds from the cannabis plant, rather than consuming an isolate.
This is the reason behind the many health benefits listed and this also promotes overall therapeutic wellness. This all-natural blend supports your beloved companion’s:

What Customer's Say

We have a 5 of 5 rating on all our products.
“I noticed the energy that my puppy has. He has a lot of spunk and he looks happy. He seems happy. I'm even more of a fan now, since I've noticed the changes and I'm even happier now that there is Happy Paws for life. I was never a fan of pet CBD, but since I've noticed the changes in my puppy, I'm definitely a fan of Happy Paws 4 life.”
Dog Mom
“I used to have to carry her up and down stairs every time we would go anywhere. One day, I walked in from a little walk and I turned to put something down and she flew right up the stairs… the kids got a little rough housing and nowadays she is up on the couch and playing and back to her old self, even at the age of seven. Pet CBD is doing good stuff. The Happy Paws 4 life is doing good stuff for my dog, Abs.”
Dog Father
My product arrived later than expected, but I'm not even mad after I noticed that my dog has shown improvement in his behavior. I will be a returning customer. Thank You!
Dog Father

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