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350 MG Chicken Oil
$49.95 available on subscription from $49.95 $44.96 / month
350 MG Chicken Oil
$49.95 available on subscription from $49.95 $44.96 / month

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Full spectrum
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“I noticed the energy that my puppy has. He has a lot of spunk and he looks happy. He seems happy. I'm even more of a fan now, since I've noticed the changes and I'm even happier now that there is Happy Paws for life. I was never a fan of pet CBD, but since I've noticed the changes in my puppy, I'm definitely a fan of Happy Paws 4 life.”
“I used to have to carry her up and down stairs every time we would go anywhere. One day, I walked in from a little walk and I turned to put something down and she flew right up the stairs… the kids got a little rough housing and nowadays she is up on the couch and playing and back to her old self, even at the age of seven. Pet CBD is doing good stuff. The Happy Paws 4 life is doing good stuff for my dog, Abs.”

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